How did it all begin?

In 1995 Tobias Voss and his wife Daniela founded the METALOG Institute for the Communicative Arts. Over the following years, they developed training concepts focused on customer orientation, communication, team building and leadership. They started to integrate more interactive learning into their work in the form of “interactive games.” They soon discovered that these “games” sparked learning experiences in their participants that they would never have achieved as efficiently through classic training scenarios. In 2008, METALOG© training tools OHG came into being.

The publication of the book “The METALOG Method – how to get the most out of your training tools” in 2010 meant that for the first time all of the experiences and concepts that Tobias had collected over the previous 15 years as a trainer, coach and organizational development specialist could be read in one book. Tobias fused solution-focused and systemic concepts with experiential learning methods, resulting in the emergence of “EOL – Experience-Oriented Learning methods,” or “EOL – Experience-Oriented Learning.”

Where is METALOG today?

Today, METALOG training tools enjoy broad popularity. Our customer groups include trainers, coaches, facilitators, professors, teachers, school social workers, supervisors, family therapists, counsellors, and youth leaders. In the meantime, the range of topics covered by METALOG training tools is impressive: in addition to the classic areas of sales, communication, leadership, team building, conflict resolution and personal development, there are also more areas of application involving teaching learning content. For example, teachers in vocational colleges use METALOG training tools in their scheduled lessons for specific topics.

And where does The Learning Gym come into this picture?

Having experienced the Metalog tools first hand, we instantly connected with the tools and Tobias’ ideology. Our focus, at The Learning Gym, is to upskill learning professionals. And one of the areas in which we enable learning professionals is help them create experiential learning environments. And to this end, we partnered with Metalog to bring these tools and methodology to the Asia Pacific region – through this site where you can order the Metalog games, and through our Metalog methodology-based workshops.