Passive versus active learning

Learning interventions which rely solely on delivering a lecture, might not create the most learning or retention for your learners. Our activities and tools turn theoretical concepts such as communication, leadership, teamwork and sales training into a multisensory, multi-layered learning experience. The tools help you create space for enjoyable learning and allow you to develop the sort of learning situations you always spoke and dreamed about.

Create Experiential Learning Environments

Learning professionals use activities in their training programs in order to create engagement and break the ice, among other reasons. The challenge sometimes lies in finding the right activity for every topic and not re-using the same activity for every topic. Additionally, it’s only with powerful debrief that we can use the same activity/game to bring about powerful learning. We offer a variety of programs helping you turn games into high impact interventions. The simplicity of these games coupled with the power of their debrief makes for creating a fun, experiential learning environment.

Create an impact

As trainers, facilitators and teachers, we want to be able to create an impact for our learners, and help them be more effective. METALOG training tools help you spark lively interactions to create deep learning experiences and authentic emotional responses. This approach is underpinned by modern research into neuroscience, which emphasizes that true learning is only achieved through emotions. People need emotions and relationships in order to learn. And that’s one way to create an impact!

A bigger and more varied toolbox

All of us trainers have fallen into the trap of using the same activity across topics, groups, programs, because it’s comfortable. Let’s think from the perspective of our learners – would they appreciate variety in their learning techniques? We think they would! METALOG training tools mean you can choose from a broad range of options, reaching into your toolbox of methods to grab the tools that you need to guide your process as you wish. Each of the tools can be adapted to a wide range of groups and topics. Customize the group dynamics as you please, because the right METALOG tool is there for every conceivable learning situation.

It works!!!

Don’t take our word for it! —

CultuRallye is an irreplaceable aspect of team & organizational development. Whenever change processes in companies are involved, this learning activity can be integrated into the process, or even in earlier phases. Different corporate or team cultures become visible very quickly. In consulting processes, for example, it enables me to quickly gain insights into the organizational culture and develop potential working hypotheses.” – Angela Siebold is a supervisor, coach, demography consultant, lecturer at Berlin University of Applied Sciences, and trainer at the Joint Academy for Intercultural Competence in south-west Germany.

“Like all of the METALOG® tools, EmotionCards and SysTEAM achieve something that few other forms of training can: the ability to quickly tap into my customers’ visual and tactile senses, and utilize them for the learning process. I am so happy every time to see how, when I tailor the activity precisely to the needs of my customers, I can achieve deep and long-lasting learning, confident in the knowledge that my work is not just useful, but also great fun.” – Mark Wagner has worked for over 15 years as a freelance trainer specializing in sales training, team building and leadership development. His company, Bera- terbasis, focuses on serving clients in the airline and automotive industries. He has been a passionate user of METALOG© training tools for many years.

“Through the use of the METALOG© training tool StackMan, the role of the project coach is experienced emotionally and then examined in all of its aspects in order to clarify the project coach’s future tasks. A powerful impression at the start of the training workshop!” – Anna Langheiter is a trainer and training designer from Vienna, Austria. She sees her role as a learning enabler. Her training programs cover hard skills such as process improvement, lean management and Six Sigma, as well as soft skills in the areas of train-the-trainer, coaching, change management, and facilitation.

Social Responsibility

Throughout all of the growth that we have achieved since 1995, staying true to our roots has always been important to us. Our tools are produced in Germany with a number of workshops for people with disabilities in Bavaria making our products by hand. And long may it remain so.