Come and play with The Learning Gym! We believe that a “fit learning professional” is able to create experiential environments in her/his learning interventions. These are typically 2 hours sessions where you can register to come and play different Metalog games! You will experience the games and their debrief first hand, and take back potential ideas for these games in your training programs.

What are the benefits of attending these sessions?

  • Experience the power of simple games in bringing out complex concepts
  • Discover powerful game/activity debriefing techniques
  • Expand your current database of learning tools/games

Spend your time exploring the world of engaging, powerful and fun training games and tools.

Who should attend?
Anyone in the learning and training fields including in-house or external trainers, training program designers, facilitators and coaches, teachers and education specialists.

The more sessions you come for, the more games you’ll be able to experience and use in your training programs.